When looking for a coach it is important that you know that person is qualified and knowledgable in their field.  Read all about me, my background and experience here.  If you want to know more, please get in touch using my details above or the contact form below - I am always excited to hear from you :)

Meet Adele...

Adele Clough is a dynamic, entertaining and inspirational Speaker and highly sought after Trainer and Transformational Coach. She is the author of the life changing book ‘Say yes To Life!’, creator of The Yes To Life Formula, and founder of The Yes To Life Community. She specializes in empowering students and clients to say yes to their ideal life. She is a Presenter on Smile Radio on Saturday mornings. She regularly gives comment and advice in the media as an experienced Life Coach.


Adele is qualified in Life Coaching, Psychology, Art Therapy, Counselling, Mindfulness based CBT, Mental Health and NLP. She has spent 20 years fine tuning the Yes To Life Formula, making a profound and positive difference in countless people’s lives along the way. She is seen as a pioneer in the field of change. 


Born into a fractured and impoverished family in the North of England in 1976, Adele is living testimony that your past doesn’t have to define your future. She has not only changed her own life but led the way for countless others to do the same through her work. 


Her unwavering tenacity and determination combined with her infectious joyful love of life, sense of fun and deep compassion for all, creates something truly magical that stays with you forever.

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Just in case you look at the Earth or Street views, the Google-mobile and  satellite have not been past lately - I do not work from a scaffolded structure.  Here is C4DI today in all its beauty...