Coaching Options

We know that you are your unique, amazing self so we have various coaching options available so you can pick the the one that fits you best.  As always if you have any enquiries or want something not listed here, contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your coaching needs.


Jodie Routledge

"I have attended three of Adele’s amazing courses and they really did change my life. I have achieved great results putting into practice the fantastic tools and techniques she has taught me. Furthermore, the confidence I have gained has made me feel more and more wonderful with each new day. I am always keen to attend whenever she offers a new course; knowing that I will learn something new that will enhance my life.  Thank you so much Adele; you really are a shining inspiration in my life and have genuinely make me feel amazing & confident!"

Aaron Fitzpatrick

"Adele is as kind and genuine as anyone you could ever meet, she possesses one of those soft and beautiful souls.  She shows, by example, how a deep compassion for all, alongside making the right choices can make you a stronger, happier and better person."

Laura Heath

The Yes To Life! tools and Adele’s unwavering encouragement were invaluable to me on my journey to pursuing my dreams; relocating from a busy city to a country cottage, setting up a business there and starting a family –life changes that felt so huge. I am thrilled to share I have now achieved them all and my life is amazing! I am wholeheartedly grateful for Adele and the magic she shares, and I am over the moon she can now share this with the world through her book. Thank you Adele. Keep shining your light.”

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Elite Coaching Package

6 x one hour face to face or telephone coaching sessions with two check-ins each week

This package is perfect for those looking to fully embrace the power of the coaching journey and experience rapid change. If you are ready for a dramatic overhaul that will revolutionise your entire life the elite package is for you!  

You will get two email/ telephone check ins during the week to keep you motivated and on track.

Investment: £600

Superior Coaching Package

6 x 45 minute face to face or telephone sessions with one check-in each week

If you are looking for significant improvements in a few areas of your life at a predictable steady pace the superior package is right for you.

You will get one email/ telephone check ins during the week to keep you motivated and on track.

Investment: £500

Starter Coaching Package

6 x 30 minute telephone coaching sessions

This is a gentle introduction to the coaching process over a period of time. It will offer you some fabulous introductory coaching tools perfectly tailored to changing your life step-by-step. 

Investment: £400

90 Day "Yes To Life" Programme

In this programme, I'll meet personally with just 14 people for 12 weeks and share the life changing secrets that I have taught to countless people to transform their lives.


Join an amazing 12 week programme to transform your life. Meet up with like-minded people, get an accountability buddy and get day to day support from our private online facebook community.

Next Course starts September 2016 @ [C4DI]

Investment: £490

Coaching Alignement Day

Spend a full day exploring and understanding what is holding you back from living your most fulfilling life:

  • Gain invaluable insight into who you really are- your strengths, capabilities, your true motivation and your full potential - embrace this knowledge to drive you towards success.

  • Clarify issues and roadblocks and identify straightforward actions to resolve them.

  • Define and plan your goals for the next 12 months.

Investment: £1000 (Refreshments and lunch provided)

Monthly Coaching Package

A quarterly coaching package consisting of 1 session per month for 3 months with built in weekly telephone/email support.

Investment: £490

Hourly Coaching Sessions

A stand-alone hourly coaching session can be booked at the hourly rate of


Digital Coaching

Digital coaching is a new branch of coaching that takes place over messaging platforms like text messaging, email, Slack, Facebook Messenger or inside the app. 

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Email Query to address a specific issue (open to all). Please email your query (no more than 600 words please) to Adele, she will reply within 24 hours.

End of week/weekend debrief call – duration 20 minutes (for clients only)

Email Query: £55 Debrief Call: £35

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